Sarah Jayne Booth -

sew what   2014
Installation sew what, is centered on philosophies regarding femininity and domesticity, and reflects on obscured facets of life. Surveying the everyday through playful and unexpected combinations of found objects.




Abstract for “Sew What” series


Herostratus – 2013
Examining notoriety, depicted in part by the story of ‘The Rabbit Woman of Godalming’. The travesties that are often pursued in the search for recognition and illustriousness are sometimes crude and implausible.





one man’s treasure and other accoutrements – 2011
These works are where I used many different materials, often incorporating ready-made objects but ultimately it’s about the narrative, the discovery and the journey to get there.



onetwothree – 2009
Here my work was observing the space somewhere between reality and
fantasy: a series of assemblages based on famous women through the



SALIGIA – 2008
This is a series of work based on the seven deadly sins.